Ers System

Since its establishment, it has been involved in the automatic door sector and continues its services. As a leading company in its sector, it represents products and brands in many countries on professional systems. 

In 2007, ERSSYSTEM brand was created. It has adopted the principle of producing domestic products in automatic door sector. As of 2008, it has started the production of sliding photocell doors with the ERSSYSTEM brand, receiving the certificate of Made in Turkey. 

Although it started production in periods when the confidence in domestic production was minimal in the sector, it made quality production and gained confidence. It has created competitive products with superior technologies that it uses compared to many competing brands. 

By moving forward with the mission of a manufacturer of Turkish goods, it has become a Turkish brand that makes those who prefer the ERSSYSTEM brand feel that they are in the right place in search of quality and service. In the industry ‘ not a cheap seller ’ In order to provide quality products and services it is a company that gives priority to all research and development activities and offers quality products and services under the roof of ERSSYSTEM. As ERSSYSTEM, we realize our production and investments within the framework of this determination.

As a company, production is carried out with the awareness of providing quality services and products within the framework of legal legislation in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way.

ERSSYSTEM management and production team of a conscious consists  team that is innovative, acting with team spirit, expert in its field, friendly and complements its work in the best and quality way. Trains team according to the changing and developing conditions of today. Providing friendly service, it develops and renews itself on the way to becoming a reliable company. Hosts and finds solutions to many innovative projects with its knowledgeable, innovative, expert and experienced work team in project work.

Dealer, retail and wholesale sales are carried out. It is a company that provides fast and solution-oriented service to the demands that come with our expert sales team, and provides the technical support of the product correctly and effectively.

Currently ERYAPI METAL OTOMATİK FOTOSELLİ KAPI ELEKTRİK ELEKTRONİK İNŞ. TUR. NAK. SAN. And TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. as it continues its activities in domestic and foreign . Has become a sought-after brand in the market with its franchises and active sales.