Hermetic Door System

Confidential, Airtight Doors

ERSSYSTEM automatic and manual hermetic doors are manufactured to increase air tightness and provide complete insulation.Can be used safely on ships and boats, operating room, laboratory, X-ray and in rooms where sound insulation are required. Hermetic door mechanism and leaf design in fully sterile environments smooth surfaces that do not contain dust, do not contain bacteria are designed by the R & D unit of ERSSYTEM . Stainless steel, aluminum, compact laminated and glass panel alternatives are available.

Special Hermetic Door Design Concept                                                                      

In the leaf , the guide system developed by ERSSYSTEM, which is invisible from the outside, allows the wing to push towards the chassis. Thanks to the supporting guide at the closing point of the leaf by completing the final process, it provides full sealing and completes the property of being a hermetic door.

Anti-bacterial, easy to clean ,because it can be opened untouched and closes automatically, it reduces the risk of germ transmission and prevents many losses such as air-pressure. It provides sealing with special gaskets.

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